Reflections about Russia

1.It is dear in anywhere(a canvas, oil)130х160

2.Anniversary(a canvas, oil)120х150

3.Christmas in Russia (a canvas, oil) 80 х 100

4.Birds of happiness (a canvas, oil) 90 х 90

5.Above city (a canvas, oil) 70 х 90

6.On health (a canvas, oil) 100 х 80

7.The girl with roses (a canvas, oil) 100 х 110

8.An angel of hope (a canvas, oil) 108 х 126

9.Nostalgia (a canvas, oil) 100 х 100

10.Dreams of my youth (a canvas, oil) 90 х 80

11.A heritage (a cardboard, oil) 70 х 110

12.A self-portrait with the daughter (a canvas, oil) 90 х 90 90х90

13.A mirror (a canvas, oil) 90х90

14.In old city (a canvas, oil)60х70

15.A portrait of father (a canvas, oil)100х100

16.The dancer (a canvas, oil) 90х80

17. Cards (a canvas, oil) 100х100

18.A holiday (a canvas, oil)80х100

19.The motive sad in the distance sounded (a canvas, oil) 92х120

20.It is dear to a temple (a canvas, oil) 80х60

21.Natasha (a canvas, oil)40х50

22.Opposition (a canvas, oil) )120х90

23.Russian beauty (a canvas, oil)38х53

24.The girl with a scarf (a canvas, oil) 60х50

25.Old Moscow (a paper, distemper) 50х70

26.The Moscow beauty (a cardboard, distemper)50х70

27.Fight (a cardboard, distemper)50х70

28.Suzdal in the winter (a paper, distemper)43х63

29.Winter road (a paper, distemper)43х63

30.The Moscow Kremlin I (a cardboard, distemper) 50х50

31.The Moscow Kremlin II (a cardboard, distemper)50х50

32.A hailstones - Moscow (a cardboard, oil) 60х90