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Was born in Moscow.
In 1962. has ended building faculty of the Moscow State University of Means of communication.
In 1971. has ended the Moscow State Art-industrial University him. Stroganov.
Member of the Union of Architects of Russia with 1971.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia with 1978.
Is engaged in monumental art, painting, graphics.
The participant more than 100 exhibitions in Moscow,Russia and abroad.
Personal exhibitions in Moscow , Rome,, Belgrade, Zagreb, Cologne and Montenegro.
Tatyana Belotelova is engaged in monumental art, painting and graphics.
She executes a number of works (a list, a mosaic, stained-glass windows, marketri) and other cities of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.
The personal exhibition of the artist has passed to 1988 in Belgrade with the big success; the Yugoslavian motives;. The same year she has been awarded with 1-st award at the International fair of arts in Belgrade.
In 1989. also it has been awarded with 1-st award for a picture; Belgrade today;.
In 1991. took part in the International auction in Japan.
In 1991. it has been invited to Italy by senator Almoj Kapello for participation in joint exhibitions with the Italian artists in the cities of Ferraras, Milan, Rome. The same year its personal exhibition in gallery; Art-modernist style; in Rome has passed.

Many works of the artist are got by the Union of Artists of the USSR, Russia, Moscow and there are in museums of Russia, Yugoslavia, and also in private collections in Italy, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, USA, Japan and other countries.